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Cataract Operations in NTT



In November 2015, Besi Pae provided 109 cataract operations. The operations were conducted by Persatuan Dokter Specialist Mata (Perdami,  with the financial support of Bambusse (,
Over 300 people attended the 3 day eye clinic provided by Perdami at the Klinik Ibu and Bayi, Soe, TTS. The doctors identified those patients that should receive cataract operations.
After the operations, doctors from Soe general hospital provided follow up support if there were any complications as a result of the operation.
Over 20 children (younger that 14 years of age) were identified in need of cataract surgery. Unfortunately the doctors could not operate as the operation must be done under a general anesthetic. Besi Pea is now exploring ways to provide operations to these children so that they can return to school. 
Perdami and Besi Pae have agreed to undertake similar activities every 3- 6 months, as the there are significant needs.