The LSM Besi Pa’e was established by prominent professionals on the December 19th, 2011 as a non-government organisation in accordance with the Indonesian laws No. 8 1986, No. 16 2001, amandement No. 28 2001. It was created to support local communities through the provision of livelihoods services and related within the province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT). This province has the least favorable social and economic statistics of all the 33 Indonesian provinces.


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Mission & Vision


Besi Pa’e operations are based on the organization’s Vision, which is working towards “SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOODS IN NTT”.


Besi Pa’e Mission is to support the alleviation of poverty throughout the communities of Nusa Tengara Timor (NTT) by providing opportunities and access to the resources, knowledge, information and technology needed to support sustainable activities into the future without racial, religious, political or cultural and gender base discrimination.


Besi Pa'e is commited through its activities to contribute in the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals.




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Seaweed Farmers in Kupang Bay

Seaweed Farmer - Kupang Bay

Besipae has been developing systems to communicate best practices and market prices for seaweed farmers in Kupang Bay via mobile phones

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